Vietnam Defence TV and GICHD Film Documentary on Management of ERW

As part of the Management of Residual Explosive Remnants of War (MORE) project, the GICHD was recently in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany filming a documentary with Vietnam Defence TV (DTV). This film examines the question of risk in relation to residual contamination.


Funded by the United States and Great Britain, this film is being made by the eminent director Mr. Bui Thac Chuyen. He was accompanied by Vietnamese dignitaries so they could talk with other actors about how to assess and respond to risk. 

In Belgium, DTV accompanied the Belgium EOD response unit to film the recovery and destruction of a 155 mm shell from the First World War. While in Germany, the team visited an exhibit in Dresden, which powerfully captured the devastation to the city after the Second World War (pictured here).