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November 2013

Aging, unstable, and excess stockpiles of ammunition pose dual hazards of illicit proliferation and accidental explosion, which have caused humanitarian disasters and destabilised individual countries and regions in the past. This toolset can assist states to isolate and destroy unsafe and dangerous ammunition and instigate reliable ammunition safety management.

This method develops the capacity of a state to safeguard its own ammunition.  The management system allows the destruction of unsafe, unusable stockpiles of ammunition, preventing explosions within stockpiles, which currently occur on average 2 ½ time a month worldwide. These explosions not only kill and maim thousands but also destroy the region’s infrastructure, putting many more at risk from disease and starvation.

Everything in the toolset is compliant with the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG).  Actions are broken into small, easily achievable steps, and can be mainly carried out by local workers under expert supervision and instruction.  It can be adapted to any situation, and it is relatively cheap until the final steps are taken to attain RRPL 1 (the lowest recognised level of IATG), at which time funding is required to build standard explosive facilities and install the correct standards of electrical and protective equipment.

The toolset can be used as a training tool and a basis for an operational plan by established organisations, both civil and military.  

The first two parts of the toolset cover clearance of ERW (both UXO and AXO), siting and developing a safe temporary store, inspection and destruction of unsafe ammunition, detection of faults early, stockpile destruction and good ammunition management. They are available to download free onto an iPad/iPad mini or and Android tablet.


ASM app for iPad and iPad mini (iTunes)

ASM app for Android tablets (Google Play)

ASM toolset forms

Posters illustrating the first two phases in the GICHD ammunition safety management method:


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