The goal of mine action is to reduce the risks associated with mines/ERW. Where mine/explosive remnants of war (ERW) contamination impede post-conflict recovery, mine action also facilitates socio-economic recovery and development. This includes implementing activities that improve public safety and reduce armed violence.

Drawing on experience gained in a range of conflict-affected contexts, several mine action organisations are using their technical expertise and capacity to go beyond clearing mines and ERW, and they are addressing wider threats to security posed by small arms and light weapons (SALW) and ammunition. This is largely in response to direct requests for assistance from national authorities in affected countries.

Land rights

The aim of the GICHD’s Security and Development (SaD) programme is to strengthen and raise awareness of the links between mine action and broader international assistance activities. These include development and humanitarian work, peacekeeping, post-conflict recovery, human security, armed violence reduction and security sector/system reform.

In recent years, the SaD programme has been working closely with national mine action programmes to develop strategies and work plans. It has also produced unique research on: