General description

The CEIA CWD is a lightweight and portable device featuring the capability of detecting command wires of any diameter and type with high sensitivity, in conductive and non-conductive soils, including laterite and magnetite. The Wire Detector comprises a search head, a control unit, a telescopic pole and an elbow

support all jointed together in a one-piece foldable design that allows the CWD to

be operational in a very short time and easily carried everywhere.

Working characteristics

Detection is independent of wire orientation with respect to the Search Head.

In addition, the CWD does not require any manual calibration: optimum sensitivity

is ensured over all types of terrain due to CEIA's exclusive Automatic Soil Compensation


Radio, audio, visual, sensitivity data

Sensitive adjustment
Ground balance

Power supply data

Battery 3 x 1.2V Ni-MH C cells - HR14
Low battery alert
Operating time 8 hours
Battery charger provided
Battery charger information integrated battery charger

Dimensional data

Length 1300 mm
Weight 2.25 kg
Search head size 350 mm
Shape rectangular 350 mm x 140 mm
Transport case provided
Transport case information optional
Transport case weight 0.6 kg
Transport case weight info soft carry bag

Factory support data

Factory support worldwide support
Warranty 1 year, possible extension
Humidity (limitations) no limitation
Water resistant
Temperature limitations STORAGE TEMPERATURE -55°C to +85°C; OPERATING TEMPERATURE -46°C to +70°C