General description

The DCU 105/125 is a detonator carrier widely used by NATO, military personnel, EOD teams worldwide and de-mining companies. It also has applications in demolition, quarrying and construction.

Working characteristics

Contains the blast and secondary fragments protecting personnel when carried by hand.

Enables detonators and explosives to be stored and transported in the same vehicle

Improves logistical options and significantly reduces transport costs

Very low maintenance costs

Robust hard-wearing unit with nonconductive coating

Lightweight and easy to carry by hand

Suits a wide variety of detonators

RF screening

Durable and easily cleaned

Suitable for belt and rucksack transport

Ease of use even with gloved hands


Dimensional data

Length 125.00 mm
Weight 0.3 kg

Factory support data

Water resistant


Base price 282 €
DCU 105/125


DCU 105 125 Datasheet Sept 2022
DCU 105/125

Other information

It is suitable for use by specialised operators and dismounted soldiers and engineers due to its robust, yet lightweight design, enabling the safe transport of single packs of detonators.

The DCU105/125 exhibits extraordinary performance due to Energetic Technologys' patented SABREMATTM technology.




Suits a wide variety of detonators. (Any detonator other than that tested during trials must be independently tested to get a competent authority approval.)

Tested to a max NEQ of 1.0 grams *

(* Tested in Accordance with UN Series 6 (d) test, conducted for specific detonators only.)

DCU 105/125