General description

VMF4 – Compact Metal Detector, Fourth Generation: Compact Metal Detector with Exchangeable Search Coil for Mine Clearing Projects

Working characteristics

Ergonomically optimized for long-term operation in the humanitarian demining and military mine clearance

- Foldable metal detector with small packing dimensions

- Flexible application optimization thanks to exchangeable search coils

- VALLON UXO firmware in combination with UXO search coils VS30 and VS60

-Detection of material and wires with low conductivity

-Pinpoint button for a higher degree of location detection accuracy

-Infrared LED display for use with night vision devices and vibration alarm

-Bluetooth® und WLAN interface to internal web server for personal device settings

Radio, audio, visual, sensitivity data

Transmission frequency 0.00 kHz

Power supply data

Battery Single Cell Battery 1.5 V Alkaline Size D or Rechargeable Battery D-size Ni-MH 1.2 V / 10000 mAh
Operating time 0.00 hours
Battery charger provided
Battery charger information available as option

Dimensional data

Length 1380.00 mm
Weight 2.50 kg
Search head size 20.00 mm
Shape round
Transport case provided
Transport case information available as option
Transport case weight 2.86 kg
Transport case weight info complete set VMF4 in hard case = 6.25 kg


Base price 0.00 €
VMF4 – Compact Metal Detector

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VMF4 – Compact Metal Detector