General description

Remote controlled demining machine

Working characteristics

Productivity up to 3000 m2/h

Depth of cleaning up to 300 mm

Dimensional data

Overall length 7100 mm
Overall Width 2500 mm
Overall Hight 2300 mm
Fits in container 1

Factory support data

Water resistant


Other models RM-KA-02

Operational data

Ground bearing pressure tracks 0,72 kg/cm2
Hill climbing ability (max gradient degrees) 35 °
Rotation speed to 600 rpm
Clearance depth in varying terrain to 30 cm
Working speed for light soil with medium vegetation 3000 m<sup>2</sup>/h
Armor Front side armored
Greatest remote controlled distance 800 m
Mechanical tools / attachments Flails

Engine specifications

Engine type / description Cummins QSX15 - A
Engine max power 509 hp