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Sylvie Bouko

Advisor, Strategic Planning


Sylvie Bouko joined the GICHD’s Strategic Planning Programme in June 2020. As an Advisor on Strategic Planning, she supports EO-affected countries with developing, assessing, reviewing and implementing national mine action strategies and donor strategies.

Sylvie Bouko has been working in Mine Action for 18 years and has been supporting Civil Society Organisations, UN Agencies and Governments of more than 30 countries. Before joining the GICHD, she worked for Humanity and Inclusion for 13 years in different capacities, the main one being as an advisor and the last one being as Head of the Arms Risk Reduction Technical Unit and was based in East and Horn of Africa as a regional Technical Advisor for 5 years.  During the past 4 years, Sylvie Bouko worked as an expert consultant focusing on providing practitioners and policy makers with the support they need to protect human safety and security, and to foster sustainable peace, development and social cohesion. She continued carrying out programmatic/strategic evaluations, strategic planning exercises and capacity development using inclusive and participatory approaches. During that period, she taught at universities Humanitarian Assistance and Development and worked as a transformAction theatre facilitator for refugees, youths in social/professional breakdown, people with disability and /or in reinsertion.

Sylvie Bouko holds a master’s degree in Journalism from Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales in Brussels and an Academic Certificate on Interdisciplinary Approach of Children’ Rights from Louvain-La-Neuve University. Late 2019, she participated in the UNSaferGuard Ammunition management expert validation excercise.

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