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Matthieu Laruelle

Explosive Ordnance Risk Education Advisor, GMAP


Mr. Matthieu Laruelle joined the GICHD in September 2019. As an Advisor for Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) he promotes - in collaboration with other stakeholders - cohesion between EORE partners to advance EORE efficiency and effectiveness. He also contributes to efforts in the sector to raise the profile of EORE globally while providing policy and technical assistance on the thematic. Finally, he represents the GICHD as a Core Member of the EORE Advisory Group (EORE-AG). Prior to joining the GICHD, he held the role of Implementation Support Specialist with the Implementation Support Unit of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (2016-2019). He also managed mine action programmes with HI (2014-2015) and the ICRC (2005-2013) mainly in Africa and in the Americas. Matthieu has a MA in Executive Coaching and Leadership from the University of Barcelona, a MA in Peacekeeping and Security Studies from the University of Rome and a BA in translation and international relations from the University of Louvain-La-Neuve. 

Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD)
Inclusive Risk Reduction
Working languages
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian
Active in mine action topics
Risk education