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Nicholas Bray

Advisor, Quality Management Systems and Standards


Nick Bray joined the GICHD in January 2018 where he focuses on as Quality Management Systems and Standards Advisor. He is currently focused on the clearance of ERW in the urban environment in particular Improvised Explosive Devices and heading up the working group for the production of International Mine Action Standards to cover this topic.

Prior to joining the GICHD, he worked in Iraq for a commercial operator on a US State Department-funded contract focused primarily on the clearance of IEDs in an urban environment. He served for 16 years in the British military and was qualified as an Advanced EOD operator before transferring to the humanitarian sector where he worked for HALO Trust as a Chief Technical Adviser and later as The Capabilities Director. Nick Bray also worked with Danish Demining Group as the Chief Technical Adviser, traveling extensively too all countries in which DDG operated and for UNMAS where he was the EOD, DDR, SSR and Ammunition & Weapons Management Specialist. With extensive experience in many ERW-affected countries around the world, Nick Bray has been responsible for portfolios that cover both mine action and weapons and ammunition management.

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