Ammunition Management

Motivated by its strategic goal to improve human security and equipped with subject expertise in explosive hazards, in January 2015, the GICHD established the research project to characterise explosive weapons (CEW). The aim of this research into explosive weapons characteristics and their immediate, destructive effects on humans and structures is to contribute to the ongoing discussions on explosive weapons in populated areas, intended to reduce harm to civilians. 

The project was guided and advised by a group of 18 international experts dealing with weapons-related research and practitioners who address the implications of explosive weapons in the humanitarian, policy, advocacy and legal fields.

This research project is comprised of a Final Report5 Annexed Explosive Weapons Studies, a Terminology paper and a Simulator software tool. This report and its annexes integrate the research efforts of the characterisation of explosive weapons (CEW) project in 2015-2016 and make reference to key information sources in this domain.

Characterisation of Explosive Weapons Simulator

The simulator demonstrates the effects of the five explosive weapons systems examined in the research project. Using the accuracy and precision parameters for each weapon system and the known munitions effects, the simulator allows for an analysis of the principal damage mechanism – i.e. the primary and secondary effects of explosive weapons – in a selected populated area.