General description

The handheld metal detector SBL10 is a durable and highly sensitive differential magnetometer (tension band technology), which is used to detect ferromagnetic objects buried deep in the ground such as ERW. It is designed for UXO detection in small areas on land on in water and can be used especially in rough terrain and under difficult environmental conditions.


Known for its easy handling and compact size, the SBL10 and all its equipment comes in a light weight rugged case. Beside the detector the case is housing a full second magnetometer probe for down hole / borehole as well as for diving surveys, a borehole weight, various cabling, a rugged Windows Mobile PDA for data recording as well as a MIL Bluetooth dongle to enable wireless communication of the SBL10. The package is completed with accessories like the carrying belt, manuals, field leaflet, software and 1.5V standard batteries.


An assembly of system components is not necessary for starting up the device, so the operator only needs to unfold the probe and turn on the device. It is built of lightweight aluminum and can be carried easily for several hours. the locator has an intelligent power management system, meaning the device is usable for more than 120 hours at a time with one set of standard 1.5V LR20 batteries. Measurement results can be read on the analogue display. It emits an acoustic signal via internal loudspeaker as well as an optional output to headphone whenever ferromagnetic objects are detected.


When used for data logging, the rugged PDA is used in the field for recording all values. Afterwards, measurement data can be transferred to a standard PC. The data can then be processed with the SENSYS software MAGNETO.

Working characteristics

The SBL10 is equipped with two single-axis fluxgate sensors. These sensors detect the magnetic interference field created by ferromagnetic objects. The detected value is indicated on the display. At the same time, an acoustic signal is emitted. The indicated value depends on different parameters, eg, the size of the ferromagnetic object, its position in the ground, its magnetic permeability and its own magnetic field.

Detectors in use to date

Since 2010 the detector SBL10 is in service with many commercial ordnance disposal organizations in various counties such as Iraq, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, Serbia, Vietnam, etc.

Power supply

The SENSYS SBL10 is equipped with 6 batteries (1.5V single cell LR 20). The operating time with one set of batteries is 120 hours. Operation time differs when using rechargeable batteries.

Factory support

SENSYS offers training on customer's sites, but also on its premises in Neu Golm, Germany where a special test area can be used. Manuals for the SBL10 are available in English and German (other languages on request).

Maintenance and support

Training for technician and advices on establishing workshop facilities based on a minimum requirement are offered on request. No tools are needed for setup. Detailed explanations on the setup and maintenance of the SBL10 can be found in the manual. All spare parts for the SBL10 are in stock. Repair and maintenance is carried out at the SENSYS premises in Neu Golm, Germany. In urgent cases the repair of the devices can be carried out within 48 hours in Germany. Repair and maintenance can be carried out by SENSYS technicians in country in short notice on request.

Test and evaluation

Different in-house test reports can be provided by SENSYS for each device on request.

Technical specification


Available for purchase until
Detection technology used
Metal/UXO Detector working by Fluxgate Magnetometers (Tension Band Technology)
Detector systems
UXO detectors - Magnetometor detectors

Dimensional data

Working length

Min. length
950 mm
Max. length
950 mm

Search head

675 mm

Transport case

6 kg
With equipment (full)
9 kg
1030x330x180 mm
Hard | Soft case (material)
Hard case/Plastic, IP 67 with air pressure compensation valve
Weight, Hand-held unit
4 kg
Weight, carrying (operational detection set)
4 kg
Weight, additional equipment
Weight, distribution/balance
Other specifications

System status and deployment

In production
Detectors systems in use to date
Other types/models
Location of use
Iraq, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Israel, Vietnam, etc.

Environmental influence

Humidity (limitations)
No limitations
Water resistant
Shock/Vibration resistant
Environmental compensation

Temperature (limitations)

-40 to -40 °C
-20 to 60 °C

Operational hours/Operating endurance

At around 0°C
120 h with alkaline batteries
At around 20°C
120 h with alkaline batteries
At around 30°C
120 h with alkaline batteries

Detection operation

Calibration / Set-up

A few seconds

Detection range/Sensitivity details/Detection performance / Working depth

Small metal content mines
Anti tank mines
All AVM with high metal contents
All ERW with high metal contents
Output indicator (sound/display/other)
Audio by inbuilt loudspeaker, visual by pointer/display, on screen of data logger or on PC with data evaluation software MAGNETO, head phone
Pinpointing feature
Yes, display
Adjustment of search head angle
Yes, manually
Soil influence
Limited in ferraginous soil (laterite)
Best use in
Sand Sand
Peat Peat
Clay Clay
Ferruginous soil (laterite) Ferruginous soil (laterite)
Optimal sweep speed
1 m/s
Search coil/antenna
No limitations
Interference (with other detectors)


Power supply/source
Operating time
Minimum 120 hours

Power supply

6x 1.5 V single cell LR 20 battery


Base price for the unit (US$)

For one detector
On request
Reduction for higher quantity
On Request
Price with training

Complete system price (US$)

Spare parts
On request
Extended warranty
On request
On request
Possible to rent
On Request


Duration of warranty
24 months
Additional equipment
rugged PDA MIL Bluetooth dongle soft case borehole probe various borehole cables borehole weight data evaluation software MAGNETO carrying belt in-ear head phone
Additional technical data

Approved by

Approved by ITEP
Approved by CWA
In-house tests based on MIL810G
Compliant standards
Military , Civil
Record updated on : 17 April 2015 Record id : 604

The GICHD would like to thank the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany for its generous financial support for this project.