SMD12 1 Closed frame

General description

The SMD12 is an active, highly sensitive survey system using the method of TDEM („Time Domain Electromagnetics“) in order to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects in the ground such as AP/AT mines, ammunition, IED, wires, pipes, cabling, etc.


With the basic frame size of 1x1m the system is made for middle sized areas or for areas that are difficult to access by push carts and cars. On request, different frame sizes can be ordered or combined.


The SMD12 can be operated with and without data recording using a rugged Windows Mobile PDA via cable or Bluetooth connection. The measurement data can be processed and analyzed with the SENSYS own software MAGNETO®.

Working characteristics

The innovative coil frame weights only 3.2kg already including a set of differential coils. Thanks to the fold-up mechanism, the coil frame is set up in less than 2 minutes.


The approach of using two coils with one above the other allows for differential measurements and simplified operation with no adjustment or recurring compensation during measurement.


Consisting only of 3 separate parts, the SMD12 is intuitive to handle, set up and store as well as to carry by man.

Detectors in use to date

The detector is in use, i.e. with the Montenegrin Ministry of Interior – Directorate for Emergency Management.

Power supply

12V re-chargeable lead battery; other batteries on request.

Factory support

An express service network ensures permanent availability of spare parts.


Operation and maintenance training is provided at SENSYS facilities or on site.


Additional support by specially trained staff is provided on request.

Maintenance and support

SENSYS products are made for the field, thus maintenance is rarely required or can be covered with simple spare parts, local available parts or to be covered with remote as well as on request on-site support.

Test and evaluation

Every detector runs through comprehensive internal testing with test certificate and test field data recording. Reports displaying the performance can be provided by the manufacturer on request.

Technical specification


SMD12 Metal Detector
Detection technology used
Pulse Induction for active detection of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
Detector systems
UXO detectors - Electromagnetic detectors

Dimensional data

Working length

Min. length
1'000 mm

Search head

1'000 mm

System status and deployment

In production

Environmental influence

Humidity (limitations)
Water resistant
Shock/Vibration resistant
Environmental compensation

Detection operation

Calibration / Set-up

1x time compensation after setup

Detection range/Sensitivity details/Detection performance / Working depth

Output indicator (sound/display/other)
Built-in acoustic signal with adjustable volume; analogue display; digital output (wwired or Bluetooth) for data recording
Pinpointing feature
Adjustment of search head angle
Not needed
Best use in
Sand Sand
Peat Peat
Clay Clay
Ferruginous soil (laterite) Ferruginous soil (laterite)


Base price for the unit (US$)

For one detector
Reduction for higher quantity

Complete system price (US$)

Price with training in factory
Spare parts
Possible to rent


Duration of warranty
12 months
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The GICHD would like to thank the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany for its generous financial support for this project.