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April 2016


The Ammunition Safety Management tool (app), free to download on the Apple and Android stores, is an indispensable tool for those who are ammunition safety/PSSM practitioners, a valuable guide for ammunition safety Project Managers and a comprehensive aide memoire for advisers, consultants or ammunition experts.

As requested by the user-base, the 2016 verison of the app incorporates an automated accounting system and a guide to rehabilitating existing ammunition storage areas (ASA) or facilities. It provides guidance on AXO/UXO clearance, ammunition accounting, planned demolitions, ammunition surveillance and ASA management.

This app is intended as an operations guide and training aid to be used by a technically-trained ammunition specialist, enabling tasks to be carried out whilst developing local personnel to fill various ammunition roles. Although it can be used as a guide for operations using a ready-trained workforce, it also provides for local capacity building, ensuring that the ammunition stocks can be successfully managed in accordance with IATGs when the international expertise has left.

The app is not intended as a training aid for the person running the task and an already developed technical knowledge on the part of the ammunition specialist is required. Although guidance is given, EOD RSPs are not included; it is expected and assumed that the appropriately qualified and authorised EOD personnel will take the necessary steps to familiarise themselves with local history and make their own threat assessment based on the situation, intelligence and personal experience.

For experienced, trained personnel, the app is a quick, easy and comprehensive aide memoire. It is written in a simple style, each task broken down into smaller parts with links to a more detailed and technical explanation as required. Although everything is IATG compliant it is designed to make the maximum safety improvements in the shortest, simplest steps at low cost and with limited resources.

We consider this to be a mature tool. However, we are looking to tailor the content and develop the app in line with our user's requirements. Download it, use it, play with it and let us know what you think whether positive and negative; your opinions are valued. 


ASM app for iPhone and iPad (iTunes)

ASM app for Android tablets (Google Play)

ASM toolset forms

Posters illustrating the first two phases in the GICHD ammunition safety management method:


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