Publication date
January 1970

Security is an essential condition for sustainable development and a strong concern of the poor.The role of the state and its security forces directly impact upon the opportunities for sustainable development and peoples' physical security.There is a growing consensus that security needs to be approached just as much from the perspective of protecting individuals and communities from violence as from the degree to which defence spending crowds out development expenditure.To this end, it is important to understand the composition of the security sector as a whole, the roles and responsibilities of the various actors, and the relationships between  them.Too often, the military is used to sustain governments in power and is inappropriately involved in internal security. Police forces are often underfunded and unable to guarantee security thus giving rise to coercion and corruption.

Security Sector Reform must account for the overall security context and address the fundamentals as well as the specifics. Effective management, transparency and accountability of the security sector is just as necessary as with any other part of the public sector. Resources need to be managed efficiently to allow the provision of security that does not threaten democracy or human rights, or undermine other development goals.

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