The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have shaped global development efforts since their adoption in January 2016. The SDGs are expected to serve as the reference for development policy and financing. Mine action stakeholders do well when adapting to this new environment and aligning their strategies and action with the SDGs. SDG mainstreaming in mine action is in its early days.

It is pivotal for the mine action sector to understand how its activities can accelerate progress across the SDGs and how they can be more coherently mainstreamed into national sustainable development efforts. Such understanding helps mine action stakeholders adapt their planning, implementation and reporting in order to maximise their contributions to the achievement of the SDGs.

To this effect, the GICHD and UNDP conducted a study in 2017 that revealed that 16 SDGs are of direct or indirect relevance to mine action. While SDG 16 provides the most direct entry point, the re-establishment of safe physical living environments is, however, not only an objective in itself, but also an enabling pre-condition that makes possible many other development activities: re-opening access to an array of basic services (education, health facilities) and resources, reducing vulnerabilities and increasing inclusion.



The goals

Land release

Victim assistance

Gender mainstreaming in mine action

Risk education

Stockpile destruction and PSSM

Capacity development and partnerships


No goals

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Based on the study, the GICHD, in cooperation with UNDP and other partners, has started to work with mine action stakeholders to mainstream the SDGs into mine action in a wealth of policy, strategic and operational dimensions. Our objective is to contribute to an ever better and coherent integration of mine action into national sustainable development policy and practice (including SDG processes), increased mine action effectiveness and efficiency, as well as strengthened ability of stakeholders to document the impact of their work.