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General description

The GCS-200 is a heavy-duty platform with compact dimensions for effective clearance of Anti-Personnel (AP) and Anti-Tank (AT) mines, disposal of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), in high-threat environments where maximum survivability and resistance is required – built, tested and operationally certified to international standards.

Working characteristics

The GCS-200 is a multi-purpose remote controlled platform that meets the requirements of the light and medium mine clearance machines designed to render safe explosive hazards and to prepare the ground in accordance with the IMAS 09.50 and CWA 15044:2009 standards. Conformity and suitability of GCS-200 equipped with either Flail or Tiller Attachments as a mechanical ground preparation machine has been independently tested, evaluated, and certified by CROMAC – Centre for Testing, Development and Training (CROMAC-CTDT) in Croatia in accordance with the IMAS 09.50 and CWA 15044:2009 standards. GCS-200 equipped with either Flail or Tiller Attachment detonates or destroys explosive hazards including all types of antipersonnel and antitank mines, and mechanically prepares the ground to a depth of 250-300 mm, including vegetation cutting and clearing, removal of tripwires, loosening the soil, and the processing of soil and debris. GCS-200 equipped with M-200 Manipulator Arm is capable of dealing with heavy objects and has a lifting capacity from 250 kg up to 3,000 kg. Manipulator arm comes with a BGT-200 Bucket Gripper Tool for grabbing the bombs/IEDs/UXOs for excavation and relocation. Manipulator Arm is also used for dangerous tasks such as remote-controlled manipulation of UXOs or IEDs from cover, route clearance and area preparation. It is also an ideal tool for tasks such as digging trenches and burn-out kilns.


Dimensional data

Overall length 4200 mm
Length with attachment 5550 mm
Overall Width 1820 mm
Overall Hight 2020 mm
Fits in container 3

Factory support data

Factory support Comprehensive training package for operation and maintenance of GCS equipment. Operator’s tool kit is provided with all GCS equipment. Tailor made service packages and support programmes for various end users. 24/7 Technical Support Desk.


Additional equipment GCS-200 Standard and Advanced Camera System, TRL-200 Transport Trailer, TCA-900 Transport Container for Hardware, TCS-900 Transport Container for Spare Parts, WCA-900 Workshop Container and Tools

Operational data

Tracks 1
Ground bearing pressure tracks 0.5 - 0.6 kg/cm2
Hill climbing ability (max gradient degrees) 30 °
Clearance depth in varying terrain from 25 cm
Clearance depth in varying terrain to 30 cm
Control of clearance depth Automatic
Armor Hardox up to 20 mm
Greatest remote controlled distance 3000 m
Mechanical tools / attachments T-200 Tiller, F-200 Flail, M-200 Manipulator Arm, BGT-200 Bucket Gripper Tool, DB-200 Dozer Blade, PF-200 Pallet Fork, SB-200 Sifter Bucket, COTS attachments for land clearing, mulching, forestry management, road construction, road maintenance, stone-rock

Engine specifications

Engine type / description Deutz BF 6M 1013 FC 4-cycle, diesel, direct injection, turbocharged engine
Engine max power 240 hp
Fuel capacity 200 l
Fuel consumption 25 l/h
Cooling system 5-in line-circuit cooling system with separate coolers for engine coolant, charge air, hydraulic oil, gearbox oil and diesel fuel.
Connectivity 3-point universal mounting interface for attachment and tools, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical interfaces

Vehicle electrical system

Battery voltage 24 Volt
Battery capacity 240 Ah