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General description

VMF4 – Compact Metal Detector, Fourth Generation: Compact Metal Detector with Exchangeable Search Coil for Mine Clearing Projects

Working characteristics

Ergonomically optimized for long-term operation in the humanitarian demining and military mine clearance

- Foldable metal detector with small packing dimensions

- Flexible application optimization thanks to exchangeable search coils

- VALLON UXO firmware in combination with UXO search coils VS30 and VS60

-Detection of material and wires with low conductivity

-Pinpoint button for a higher degree of location detection accuracy

-Infrared LED display for use with night vision devices and vibration alarm

-Bluetooth® und WLAN interface to internal web server for personal device settings


Radio, audio, visual, sensitivity data

Transmission frequency 0.00 kHz

Power supply data

Battery Single Cell Battery 1.5 V Alkaline Size D or Rechargeable Battery D-size Ni-MH 1.2 V / 10000 mAh
Operating time 0.00 hours
Battery charger provided 1
Battery charger information available as option

Dimensional data

Length 1380.00 mm
Weight 2.50 kg
Search head size 20.00 mm
Shape round
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information available as option
Transport case weight 2.86 kg
Transport case weight info complete set VMF4 in hard case = 6.25 kg


Base price 0.00 €



vmf4 tasche 01