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The ROFI Ravelin protective clothing consists of a vest unit covering the front, abdomen, sides, shoulders and neck, including a second collar functioning as the connection between the clothing and the Face Mask or visor.

The ROFI Ravelin demining vest is designed in order to meet the specific requirements for demining in tropical climate. The design facilitates protection for the deminers when in upright position operating the metal detector, as well as in both squatting and kneeling position during prodding.

We offer 3 different versions of the ROFI Ravelin vest:

• Open Back strap system, OB

• Half Protected Back, HPB

• Protected Back, PB

The ballistic inserts of the vest can easily be removed, and the outer cover can be washed in a washing machine in 40oC.


Operating time 0.00 hours

Weight 3.00 kg
Sizes available Available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Other sizes are available on customer specification.
Transport case provided 1

Factory support

Base price 345.00 €
Reduction for higher quantity

Discounted prices are available on request

Other models ROFI Armadillo Demining Vest
Colours available The ROFI Ravelin Demining Vest is available in blue, black, green and sand. Other colours are available on customer specification.

Protection level note

Protection level STANAG 2920 and other international standards