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Mesan Inc. is an engineering, R&D and manufacturing company in the field of security.

For 33 years, MESAN’s been focusing ¨SAVING LIVES¨ and this is the company philosophy in all MESAN made products. In order to saving lives, MESAN’s proudly manufactures MEMED series Metal Mine Detectors, and MERGEN series Detector Training Systems in field of security.

Our MEMED series detectors have been successfully using by different military organizations globally. MEMED MEPAK is a compact metal mine detector; it’s fully foldable, and specially designed for operational units. The total operational weight (incl. batteries) is approximately 1.9kg. MEMED-MEPAK fulfils IMAS 10.30 requirements.

Another detector from MEMED series is MEMED-MEMAR; MEMAR is designed for humanitarian mine clearance activities. It allows more than 20 hours uninterrupted operating time in the field without changing the batteries. Also, MEMAR offers exchangeable different search heads other than standard search head such as UXO search head, Probe search head. MEMED-MEMAR fulfils IMAS 10.30 requirements.

In order to find these Mine/IEDs local people are putting themselves in danger so the detector operator must be given the individual skills, including being trained to make best use of equipment. That is why we developed universal training systems which can be used with any detector brand in the world.

In order to solve this problem, MESAN has been developed Mergen series Detector Training Systems. Mergen-SOLO is individual detector training system; Mergen-TIM is squad level (collective) detector training system and Mergen-PARKUR is VR (Virtual Reality) based Individual or collective Detector Training System.

The detachable sensor measure’s operator’s sweep performance from sweep angle, sweep speed, height and arc; and gives visual and audio alarms in case of any fault (over the acceptable limits). For Mergen-TIM and Mergen-PARKUR version come with trainee evaluation software. So, the session practices can be evaluated over the software.

It's proven that Mergen Series Detector Training Systems help to increase the operator’s efficiency. The system is designed for hand held Mine/EID detectors and it’s fully compatible with any brand and model detector which customer has. Mergen series detector training systems make the detector training time and place independed.

Another solution that we have been offering to de-miners is Mine Protection Suit as PPE which’s called MKT-ST. It’s a modular structure; extremely light and comfortable. MKT-ST comes with suit, hand protector, visor, prodding needle and mine protective boots. It fulfills IMAS 10.30 standards and test report can be furnished upon request.

Our all product and systems have been using successfully by different military organizations and all products have Nato Stock Numbers.

Regions of MA operation

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • The Americas

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