GICHD - Implementation Support Unit, Convention on Cluster Munitions
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May 2016

Since the CCM entered into force in 2010, much expertise has been acquired by States Parties and partner organisations. This expertise addresses challenges in treaty compliance and best practices that have been developed within the sector to support effective and efficient implementation of the Convention.

This new edition of A Guide to Cluster Munitions features updated information on the Convention’s key obligations such as stockpile destruction and cluster munitions clearance. It features comprehensive descriptions and illustrations of the types of cluster munitions in contaminated areas. It also explores good practices in risk education and victim assistance, as well as other critical elements such as information management systems. The guide is completed by a close look at the legal framework of the Convention, providing clear guidance for the ratification of the Treaty.

In particular, the third edition will be useful for new States Parties, or States considering accession to the Convention, who may be seeking further information, including specific responsibilities of State Parties. For those requiring more in depth information or technical data, this edition also provides several valuable links to resource websites.

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