Publication date
September 2003

The Landmine Impact Survey report summarises the results of a socio-economic survey of the effects of landmines and unexploded ordnances (UXO) on communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This survey was conducted from October 2002 to December 2003. This document is only one in a series of reports which collectively constitute the Global Landmine Survey Initiative.

The data collected during this effort afford extensive opportunities for research, analysis and project planning, and lead to several conclusions relevant to mine action:

  • The survey recorded 129 victims of mine/UXO incidents in 71 communities in the past two years, of which 62 were recorded as fatalities.
  • All but 17 of the victims were male. Nearly 90% of mine victims were evenly distributed between the ages of 15-59.
  • The majority of recent mine/UXO victims are adults engaged in agriculture.
  • The most prevalent resource blockages are non-agricultural land such as forest areas and pasture.
  • Villages and smaller units, including many farms and seasonal communities, made up 1,169, or 85%, of the 1,366 impacted communities. Many of these rural communities are located near the former frontlines.

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