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January 2010

The Mechanical Demining Equipment Catalogue 2010 is the eighth edition of this publication, produced by the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). The Catalogue provides an overview of the mechanical demining equipment that is currently available to the humanitarian mine action community.

All assets used for humanitarian demining must have proven reliability and the decision about which assets to employ is still a key element in planning a demining operation. A balanced use of both mechanical and manual assets leads to cost-effective demining and to the safe return of cleared land to communities. However, the past has shown that mechanical demining equipment only contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of technical surveys and of mine clearance when combined with comprehensive training of staff.

This Catalogue describes three categories of machines: mine clearance machines, ground preparation machines and mine protected vehicles – as defined by the “International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) on Mechanical Demining 09.50” and referred to in the “GICHD Handbook of Mechanical Demining (2008)”.

In addition, the Catalogue's introduction includes a checklist of guidelines for purchasing mechanical demining machines.

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