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September 2012


The estimation of explosion danger areas for large UXO or during the multi-item disposal of ammunition and explosives is a technically complex issue. IMAS 10.20 Annex B provides general guidance on methodologies that can be applied. This tool has been developed by the GICHD to assist in these calculations.  Further details on these calculations can be found in Technical Note 10.20/01 - 2001 (see link under 'Related Reports and Publications').

The multi-item demolition is the more likely contingency in the demining scenario.  Where there are too many mines and munitions to destroy them individually in situ, and where the nature of the mines and munitions allow it, a centralised system of demolition will be used.  

The equations have been derived from experimental results that have been compared with the "Gurney Equation" estimates as a means of validation.

These ranges are those outside which only one fragment is expected to travel.  Remember that these ranges are to be used for those occasions when NO TAMPING or protective works are present.

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