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Roland Evans

Standards and Operations

Roland Evans joined the GICHD in September 2015 and holds the position of Advisor, Operational Efficiency & Training Development. In this role, he acts as advisor to national authorities and international organisations on constant improvement of not only survey and clearance practices but also running operations. Alongside producing publications he provides training courses and operational support to national authorities, non-governmental organisations and other mine action stakeholders. Research interests include improving risk management and training standards within the clearance and EOD sector.

Prior to joining the GICHD, Roland worked in mine action for both INGOs and commercial companies. His work has taken him to number of countries in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and South Eastern Europe.

Roland has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Manchester University.

  • Division Standards and Operations
  • Unit Research & Innovation
  • E-mail r.evans(at)
  • Working Languages English