A set of global guidelines has been developed to document good practice in mine action and to aid their translation into national standards. Mine action standards have been developed to improve safety, efficiency and effectiveness in mine action and to promote a common and consistent approach to the conduct of mine action operations. Mine action standards provide guidance, establish principles and, in some cases, define international requirements and specifications.

Clearance task

On behalf of the United Nations, the GICHD develops, maintains and promotes the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and associated notes into the mine action community. Drafting, reviewing and revising the IMAS is managed and coordinated by the GICHD with the support of international, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The IMAS Review Board is the highest level at which technical input to IMAS is debated, agreed and forwarded (via the Steering Group) to the UN for final endorsement. The Review Board is chaired by the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), and the GICHD provides it with Secretariat functions.

The GICHD also provides training and advisory services as well as online support to the mine action community on the application of the IMAS. It assists national authorities and other stakeholders in the review and development of National Mine Action Standards (NMAS) based on the principles of IMAS.