This event, organised by the GICHD and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is a discussion and roudtable during Geneva Peace Week. 

The Secretary General’s prioritization of prevention entails a greater emphasis on situational awareness and early action when signs of emerging risks of conflict arise. In the past years, endeavors to track these types of signals and to measure conflict risks have been nurtured by the increasing availability of data and continuous technological advancements, including for geographic information systems and mapping solutions (GIS).

How can these technologies be translated into effective tools for conflict prevention? A number of organizations and research institutes have recently engaged in this area. What can be learnt from these experiences, what preliminary conclusions can be drawn?



A Geneva Peace Week Event | Maison de la paix | 13h-15h30
9 November 2017
Geneva, Switzerland


The focus of the session will be outcome-oriented, looking at measuring the effects of improved data analysis and mapping technologies on decision-making. It will also contribute to a better understanding of the needs and expectations of the peace community with regards to how maps and geographic information can help support conflict prevention policy and action.

Programme and methodology

The event will be two-fold:

  • A one-hour panel will introduce a number of current experiments and outline the main issues for discussion through a series of short ignite talks.
  • A series of interactive roundtable discussions facilitated by the speakers will deepen the topics identified:

    • Big data and no data: how to address the abundance and the paucity of available information
    • Measuring conflict risks: available methodologies and remaining gaps
    • We have data, so what? The response gap
    • Visualization techniques: what works?
    • The politics and sensitivities of data for prevention


Olivier Cottray – Head, Information Management Division, GICHD (Organiser)

Corrado Scognamillo – Early Warning Specialist, Crisis Response Unit, UNDP (Organiser)

Einar Bjorgo – UNOSAT: Preventing conflict over water

TBC –Interpeace: mapping peace and detecting risks of conflict

Jen Gaskell – Co-founder and co-director, BuildUp

Thomas Baar- Center for Innovation / Humanity-X, University of Leiden

Bas Bijlsma - Senior Policy Officer, Conflict prevention, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bernhard Metz – Geospatial Operations Support Team, World Bank

Andrew Thow -  Field Information Services, UN OCHA 


Event details:

Date: Thursday 9 November, 13h-15h30

Location: Maison de la paix,  Conference Room C1.


To attend, please register.



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