The GICHD is happy to announce that it will be holding a Mine Action Information Management (MIQ level A2) training course in Switzerland which will be supported by the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). The training will be based on MINT and ArcGIS online, with data from IMSMA NG6 as source. Training language will be English.  

The aim of this course is to enhance and broaden the reporting and data analysis capacity of mine action programmes. Its curriculum is centred on the usage of the collected data for mapping, statistics and reporting and as input to decision making processes.

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2 - 14 May 2016
Information management / IMSMA
Spiez, Switzerland


During the training, the participants will learn:

  • On a managerial level: general principles and concepts of data analysis, including good practices of mapping and visual data analysis. Participants will also learn how to leverage the use of reporting tools in decision-making processes.
  • On a technical level: how to use and administer the online Mine Action INTelligence Tool (MINT), as well as a range of geographic analysis services, mainly based on ArcGIS online and related tools. In addition, participants will learn how to use and administer PRISMA to define priorities based on multi-criteria analysis.

Programme and methodology

The participants will be familiarized with general principles and concepts of data analysis. They will learn to create simple as well as more complex reports and visualisations such as dashboards. Participants will develop their GIS skills and learn to create and share maps using different data sources, analyse GIS data, create interactive dashboards and story maps, embed maps into other applications.  

The participants will also exchange good practices and examples by sharing experiences from different Mine Action Programmes. The training ends with an exam that covers both the technical and managerial aspects of the programme. The participants will be requested to draft a work plan that will help them implement what they have learnt during the training.  


The course is targeted at all actors in mine action programmes who extract and visualize information from the collected data as input to decision-making and planning. It is specifically addressing information management staff who are or will be acting as administrators for reporting and data analysis.  


The deadline for applications has now passed.

The selection process (to a maximum of 10 participants) will prioritise applicants from National Mine Action Programmes and their Operating Partners who are or will be posted to Information Management positions within their respective organisations.  

Candidates who are not selected are encouraged to consult our calendar of events in order to apply for future training.  


The course, training materials (excluding laptop computers), accommodation, internet and all meals are provided free of charge for all training participants.  

Please bring your own laptop that:

  • Runs on either Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Has at least a screen size of 11 inch
  • Is scanned for viruses
  • Has Microsoft Office (Excel and PowerPoint) and Winzip installed
  • Has at least 5GB of free space.
  • Is not the IMSMA production server you use in your programme

Note also that participants must have full administrative rights on this laptop to allow installing software.  

Travel costs from country of origin to Spiez, Switzerland is to be covered by each respective organisation. It is recommended that all participants schedule an arrival in Spiez, Switzerland no later than Sunday, 1 May 2016. Limited sponsorship for travel expenses is available from the GICHD. Sponsorship is not guaranteed and requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

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