The GICHD supports national authorities, international and regional organisations and NGOs in their efforts to improve the relevance, performance and sustainability of mine action.

Our advisors visit approximately 50 countries each year and offer remote support, enabling them to tackle explosive hazard contamination safely, effectively and efficiently.

By bringing together experts and practitioners, gathering and sharing knowledge, the GICHD acts as a central reference point in mine action. We promote dialogue between affected countries in local languages, fostering regional cooperation.

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Risk management

The GICHD works to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of mine action. We provide advice and share good practice to help ensure safe, fast and targeted release of land and waters.

We focus on strengthening national capacities to enable greater ownership of operations and to confront long-term residual contamination, in line with national and global strategic priorities.

Our training portfolio includes:

Mine action standards

The GICHD is mandated by the United Nations to act as the Secretariat of the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

The IMAS, Technical Notes and Test and Evaluation Protocols provide guidance on improving safety and efficiency and ensuring quality in mine action. They help national authorities to develop National Mine Action Standards and mine action organisations to develop Standard Operating Procedures. 

In addition to developing, reviewing and promoting the IMAS and associated documents, we provide expert advice on:

  • Application of the IMAS and associated documents
  • National mine action legislation
  • National mine action standards
  • Quality management, monitoring and evaluation

Information management

The GICHD works to enable its mine action partners to leverage quality information for evidence-based, accountable and efficient decision making. Information management involves the collection, analysis and timely provision of information to support survey and clearance operations.

Our Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) provides a common framework for the development and implementation of inter-related tools. These include mobile data collection, data storage and validation, data analysis and Geographic Information Systems.

Our support focuses on:

  • Capacity development: assessments, workplans and training
  • Technical development: tools and user support
  • Normative guidance: good practice and policy briefs

Policy and international humanitarian law

The GICHD works for mine action that is fully integrated into broader human security efforts. We promote evidence-based policies and foster linkages between mine action and security, development, peace mediation, land rights and environmental concerns.

The GICHD supports the development and implementation of relevant instruments of international law by: