We are proud to announce that Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics presented the GICHD with Esri's Special Achievement in Geographical Information System (GIS), the SAG Award on July 12 at the annual Esri User Conference in San Diego/USA. 

Selected from over 300,000 eligible candidates, we received the award for our innovative application of technology, data collection, geospatial information visualization, and thought leadership through GIS in the field of Mine Action.

“We are bringing 20 years of practical experience in GIS into these systems”, said Olivier Cottray, Head of Information Management at the GICHD during the event. “Mine Action is inherently geographic: it is about identifying the location and extent of explosive hazard areas, as well as their proximity to villages, schools, hospitals etc. in order to evaluate their impact and thus prioritize clearance.”




Publication date : 27 July 2017