The Regional Cooperation Programme was initiated by the GICHD in partnership with the national authorities of affected states and organisations to increase the level and quality of cooperation on mine action at a regional level. Through this programme, the GICHD brings the different stakeholders together to share resources and experiences based on linguistic commonality and proximity. This programme serves national authorities and their staff members by improving their mine action knowledge by giving them access to terminology, standards, material, training and advisory services in their own languages.

The GICHD has four regional platforms:

Arab Regional Cooperation Programme

Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Regional Cooperation Programme

Persian Regional Cooperation programme

French-language outreach programme

In 2016, the GICHD, among other regional activities, organised a Resource Mobilisation workshop in partnership with the Lebanon Mine Action Center in Beirut. The objective was to enable the participants from national mine action authorities from across the Arabic-speaking region to understand the principles of resource mobilisation and communication with the goal of preparing their own resource mobilisation plan. The workshop focused on donor perspectives, policies and procedures relating to mine action, and on how to use this knowledge to equip participating programmes with the means to generate donor support.

The workshop assembled 10 national mine action authorities from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. It was funded by the Swiss government and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.