Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan are countries affected by landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war (ERW), from both current and historical conflicts. Persian/Dari is either the official or one of the official languages that the three countries have in common. In 2012 the GICHD, in partnership with the national mine action authorities and other regional and international organisations, established an outreach programme for mine action in Persian and Dari.

The aim of the Persian-language Outreach Programme (POP) is to promote safe and efficient planning and implementation of the mine action projects and programmes, as well as to enhance regional cooperation among affected states by sharing information and exchanging experiences. This program follows the French-language Outreach Programme (FOP) and Arabic-language Outreach Programme (AOP) which have already been proved to be beneficial.

The programme activities will be guided by a Memorandum of Understanding signed in mid-2014 between Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and the GICHD.  Major activities include training/workshops in Persian/Dari, translation of documents and publications, development of a Persian/Dari website and implementation of joint projects.