The GICHD has launched a project to study and strengthen the connection between mine action and security sector reform (SSR). The project will also identify how mine action and SSR can mutually benefit from a closer exchange of expertise and joint work in post-conflict environments.

This project is based on the recognition that there is a governance dimension to mine action, as demonstrated by the International Mine Action Standards. These Standards give guidance to institutions in charge of ruling and coordinating mine action programmes.

It is necessary to reflect upon how such institutions are established and function so that they might be effective and accountable bodies. Ultimately, mine action institutions need to abide by the principles of good governance, just like any other institution in the security sector. Consequently, applying a SSR approach to mine action institutions can provide useful guidance to the sector. 

To achieve the goals of this project, the GICHD has undertaken desk research that will lead to the identification of opportunities and guidance for linking mine action and SSR.  The GICHD is also conducting activities in Ukraine in partnership with the Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed forces (DCAF) and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine (OSCE PCU), with the purpose of supporting the development of mine action institutions.