To mark the 4 April - the International Day of Mine Awareness - at the United Nations in New York, the GICHD is proud to partner with the United Nations Mine Action Service in the exhibition "UN Mine Action Promotes: Sustainable Development Goals, Safe Ground, Safe Home " at the UN Visitors’ Centre from 4 April-20 May.

“Home After War” is a virtual reality experience produced in cooperation with the GICHD, NowHere Media and Oculus. This VR experience tells the story of Ahmaeid, an Iraqi father who returns to his home in Fallujah, Iraq, only to confront the fear that improvised explosive devices might have been left behind in his home or community. “Home After War” will be on display as part of the “Safe Ground, Safe Home” exhibit as an interactive, multisensorial installation.

4 April - 20 May 2019
New York, United States

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