This three-day workshop on operational efficiency in Tehran, Iran, is organized by the GICHD in partnership with the Iranian Mine Action Centre (IRMAC). The second in a series of regional workshops started last year in Tajikistan, this gathering aims to bring together three countries sharing the same language – Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran – to share experience on demining and strengthen regional cooperation in the area of mine risk education, survey, clearance operations and ammunition safety management.

In recent years, the GICHD has established a number of regional outreach programmes to facilitate cooperation between countries. The initiative started with the French- and Arabic-language Outreach Programmes (respectively 2006 and 2012). Based on the successful implementation of these first programmes, the GICHD launched the Persian-language Outreach Programme for mine action with a first workshop on “National Mine Action Standards” in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in early 2013. The Centre is looking forward to working more closely with Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan, countries with some of the highest landmine contamination rates in the world.

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18 - 20 May 2014
Detection and clearance
Tehran, Iran

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