The GICHD Arabic-language Outreach Programme in partnership with the Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC) is organising a workshop on Strategic Planning in Beirut from 31st May to 2nd June 2016.  The workshop will be held in both English and Arabic. Using the principles outlined in the GICHD ‘Guide to strategic planning’ the aim of the workshop will be to provide an introduction to planning at the strategic level, including some of the tools that can be utilised to create or define goals and objectives in line with best practice.

31 May - 3 June 2016
Arab Regional Cooperation ProgrammeStrategic management
Beirut, Lebanon


The workshop will be conducted following requests made by the Arabic speaking national mine action authorities (NMAAs) during the 4th Arabic-language Outreach Programme (AOP) annual conference in October 2015 in Lebanon. The overall objective of this workshop is to provide NMAAs in the Arabic-speaking programmes with an introduction to the main concepts and tools that can be used to plan, develop and conduct an effective strategy which realises the goals of their mine action programmes.  

Programme and methodology

The workshop will take place over three days. It will comprise of limited lectures and presentations by the GICHD and LMAC facilitators and some country representatives, as well as group work between participants.

After attending this workshop, participants will have a good understanding of the principles and tools required for effective strategic planning, including the development of a multi-year strategic plan. This should enhance and improve their national capacities in terms of achieving the goals of their mine action programs.


This workshop is intended for 2 applicants from each national mine action authority (strategic planning and/or operations and quality managers personnel who are in charge from the authority itself).  The CV should be attached to the application form. The candidates with the right profile will be the ones selected and notified after the selection process is over. A formal letter from the National Director of the respective program is required and has to be attached with the application form. The letter should contain explanation regarding the importance and the need to participate in this workshop and its benefit to the national program.


The registration period for this workshop has passed.


The workshop is provided free of charge by the GICHD. The GICHD and LMAC will provide necessary admin and logistic support for all the participants.  

The GICHD and LMAC offer sponsorships for 2 representatives from each national mine action authority that do not have the financial means to cover their participation. The GICHD will provide support to one participant including air tickets and accommodation during the workshop. The LMAC will provide only accommodation for one participant (without air tickets), transportation and meals for all participants.  

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