Flag of Colombia

The GICHD provides support to the Directorate for Integrated Action Against Anti-Personnel Mines (DAICMA) in the fields of programme management, operations and standards. The Permanent Representative of Colombia in Geneva, Ambassador Beatrix Londoño Soto, is member of the Council of Foundation and its Bureau.

Information Management

  • Delivery of Evaluating Mine Action training workshop
  • Study on development of national mine action legislation
  • Installation, support to and training on IMSMANG
  • Data analysis, prioritisation and reporting (MINT and Geoservices)
  • Design of a de-centralised victim assistance data collection method 

Risk Management

  • Support to land release workshop
  • Evaluation of the mechanical demining capacities of the Batallion of Humanitarian Demining
  • Mine Action Liability training course for PAICMA (previous name of DAICMA)
  • Training on the tools for management of mechanical demining operations
  • Technical advice to support the implementation of the Landmine Impact Survey
  • Support to the training of EOD dogs for mine detection
  • Strengthening test and licensing systems for animal detection systems
  • Trainings on Non-Technical Survey, Quality Management, Tasking and Monitoring of Demining Operations
  • Gender assessment in Non-Technical Survey for the national capacity 


Valid as of 8 July 2015