Flag of the Democratic Rebublic of the Congo

The GICHD provides support to the Centre Congolais de la Lutte Anti-Mines (CCLAM) in the field of programme management, operations, information management and standards.

Information Management

  • Information Management capacity development through in-country and remote support and provision of training
  • Support on the set-up, implementation and usage of IMSMANG
  • Support on data analysis and reporting
  • Follow-up on a mutually agreed work plan 

Risk Management

  • Support in the implementation of land release procedures and provision of related training
  • Support in the definition and implementation of standards and standard operating procedures
  • Support and trainings in the area of QA/QC
  • Assistance with the Article 5 extension request
  • Support with developing a national mine action strategy and a plan on transition to national ownership
  • DRC was included as a case study in the strategic planning project


Valid as of 8 July 2015