Flag of Mozambique

The GICHD provides support to the Instituto Nacional de Desminagem (IND), in cooperation with Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in the fields of programme management, operations and standards. The Permanent Representative of Mozambique in Geneva, Ambassador Pedro Comissário, is a member of the Council of Foundation.

Information Management

  • Follow-up and support on information management and IMSMANG after upgrading the IND IMSMA database to version 6
  • Information Management training
  • Providing advice on information management for a residual capacity 

Risk Management

  • Assisting IND with the preparation of the strategy for the residual management of ERW and the transition from a proactive demining programme to a sustainable national response
  • Assisting IND with the development of a National survey and mapping training curriculum

Valid as of 8 July 2015