Duration: 12 months remunerated traineeship

Start date: July – August 2019

Full/part time : 100 %

Location : Geneva, Switzerland

Closing date for applications : 12 June 2019

The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) is an expert organisation working to reduce the impact of mines, cluster munitions and other explosive hazards, in close partnership with mine action organisations and other human security actors. We support the ultimate goals of mine action: saving lives, returning land to productive use and promoting development.

The GICHD is offering one-year traineeships to junior professionals who have recently graduated, in fields of studies such as humanitarian programme management, international development cooperation, international security or relations, international humanitarian law or business administration. Our traineeships are intended to provide individuals starting their career with an opportunity to gain exposure in mine action, human security, ammunition safety, security management, international capacity development and cooperation. It will engage the individual in the daily processes of an organisation operating in a multicultural environment with a global outreach.

Main Responsibilities

The Junior Programme Officers will support the heads of Division and advisors who will coach them in assigned responsibilities, such as:

  • Administrative processes support such as drafting and reviewing consultancy contracts, expense reports, memorandums and agreements, minutes of meetings, travel arrangements and other documents.
  • Project cycle management assistance: contributing to the preparation of project proposals, donor reports, monitoring, narrative and financial reporting.
  • Participation in the preparation of workshops, conferences and seminars organised by the GICHD in Geneva and abroad.
  • Attendance to some conferences, meetings or workshops on behalf of GICHD
  • Contribution to the preparation of policy guidelines, toolkits, training materials, presentations and case studies.
  • Collection of technical, graphical and photographic material to update GICHD website as well as digital communication channels
  • Preparation of documentation, background information and logistics arrangements prior to staff missions.
  • Organise and update the contents of relevant information platforms

The Junior Programme Officer may be given the opportunity to occasionally travel on mission with GICHD staff.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • Post-graduate degree in humanitarian programme management, international affairs, development cooperation, international security or relations, international humanitarian law or business administration
  • One year of prior work or internship experience, preferably in a field assignment or an organisation active in humanitarian work, international security, development, international humanitarian law, international cooperation
  • Interest in development, arms control, security infrastructure, human security, disarmament affairs 
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English is required for all trainees
  • A good knowledge in other languages is an asset for all trainees
  • The trainee for AMAT (Ammunition Management Advisory Team) will also be required to be fluent in Spanish or Russian
  • Good IT skills; proficiency in Windows and Office environment is expected
  • Ability to work autonomously, good self-organisation skills and attention to detail are expected
  • Ability and interest to interact with colleagues of diverse cultures; respect for diversity
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • The Junior Programme Officer traineeship is intended primarily for a post-graduate and young professional. A work permit will be provided by Swiss authorities through the GICHD, if necessary.

The traineeships are hosted by three divisions: The Operational Efficiency division, the AMAT (Ammunition Management Advisory Team) and the Strategies and Standards division.

The Operational Efficiency (OE) division focuses on the increase in operational efficiency and effectiveness in mine action. The OE division provides advice, record and shares best practices to ensure standardised, safe and efficient survey and clearance operations. We focus on strengthening national capacities to enable greater ownerships of operations to confront mine/ERW contamination in a sustainable manner, in line with national and global priorities. The research and training portfolio of the Operations Efficiency division includes land release, stockpile destruction, technology and tools development, explosive ordnance disposal, safe and secure management of ammunition, security liaison and cooperation. These activities strengthen national ownership and mine action’s contribution to broader human security.

The AMAT’s (Ammunition Management Advisory Team) mission is to enhance State and regional action on safe and secure management of ammunition with a view to reducing the risk of unintended explosions and diversion to the illicit market. AMAT supports States with technical advice, provides knowledge, and facilitates effective and sustainable international cooperation and assistance. This is a response to the urgent need for practical, authoritative, sustainable technical support in the safe, secure and effective management of ammunition in accordance with the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG).

The Strategies and Standards division provides services and technical expertise on strategic planning, standardisation and quality management in support of national authorities in mine action and the wider mine action and human security sector. In addition to supporting the development of International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), emphasis is placed on: providing technical assistance, training and capacity development, conducting research, producing publications, developing tools and work methods, supporting the development, improvement and implementation of national mine action strategies and developing and improving national mine action standards (NMAS).


To apply, please click on this link GICHD Job application portal and submit your candidacy through the online platform. Your application should be presented in English and include a detailed CV, a letter of motivation and your earliest date of availability.

For further information please contact us at hr(at)

The GICHD implements a Gender and Diversity policy and is an equal opportunities employer. Applications are encouraged from women and men, nationals of mine-affected countries and individuals with a disability or special needs, who meet the above profile requirements.









Publication date : 28 May 2019