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Jörg Lobert was seconded to the GICHD by the German Ministry of Defence in September 2012 as Advisor of Military Liaison. 

He is responsible for civil military cooperation and maintaining and developing a series of GICHD catalogues on mine clearance protection equipment, metal detectors, machines and technology. He also participates in developing standards for mechanical application and in outreach activities. 

Jörg Lobert is a senior engineer officer with more than 20 years’ experience in operational matters and staff training. Prior to joining the GICHD he participated in four military missions with the German Army and the United Nations, where he worked in the field of landmine clearance in the Balkans, as military observer in Southern Sudan and as Deputy Chief Operations Officer (DCOO UNOMIG) in the Caucasus region. In his last assignment, as commanding officer of the International Training Section of the German Armed Forces UN Training Centre, he was responsible for Hostile Environment Awareness Training for members of governmental and non-governmental organisations, journalists and European diplomats. He also supported training activities for peacekeeping missions in Europe, Australia and Africa. 

Jörg Lobert holds a diploma in Political and Social Science.

Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD)
Risk Management
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English and German

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