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The FAE PT-300 D:Mine is a medium class demining machine certified for AP (Anti-personnel) and AT (Anti-tank) landmines and is operated with a remote control to guarantee the operator safety. It is a heavy duty machine with a weight of 14,5 ton including the tiller that is also a heavy duty and its weight is 4 tons. The machine is in operation by major NGOs like MAG International and The Halo Trust. It is also operated by demining contractors and armies.

The FAE PT-300 D:Mine is equipped with a CAT engine with 275 HP in the Tier3A/STAGE 3 and a version and with 302 HP in the tier 4F/STAGE 5. The machine can work at 45° front slope and 25° side slope and can work in extremely cold and hot weather. Wet land is not an obstacle due to the low ground pressure provided by the 660 mm wide track pads. The PT-300 D:Mine machine can be used for ground preparations for demining operations with a tiller or flail attachment and can be higly productive with a mulching attachment for cutting vegetation on the BAC (Battle area clearance operations) in wich the tool is required to work at the surface level but not bellow it.


Overall length 4950 mm
Length with attachment 6500 mm
Overall Width 2360 mm
Overall Hight 2700 mm
Fits in container 3

Factory support Training Shipping of spare parts daily FAE Mechanics available
Humidity (limitations) no limitations on humidity
Water resistant 1
Best use in up to 50 cm of water level
Temperature limitations -25°C to + 49°C

Additional equipment Operator Cab for non demining operations

Tracks 1
Ground bearing pressure tracks 0.33 Kg/cm2
Hill climbing ability (max gradient degrees) 45 °
Clearance depth in varying terrain from 20 cm
Clearance depth in varying terrain to 25 cm
Working speed for light soil with medium vegetation 2000 m2/h
Working speed for medium soil with medium vegetation 1500 m2/h
Working speed for heavy soil with dense vegetation 1000 m2/h
Control of clearance depth Automatic
Armor Hardox & Weldox
Greatest remote controlled distance 100 m
Mechanical tools / attachments Demining Tiller 300/TD-250 Demining Flail 300/FD-250 Mulcher for vegetation clearance on Battle Area Clearance operations (BAC) 200/U-225 Dozer Blade 2400 Subsoiler forestry tiller 200/S-200

Engine type / description CAT 7
Engine max power 275 hp
Fuel capacity 380 l
Fuel consumption 35 l/h
Cooling system Radiator with reversible air flow
Oil capacity 320 l
Connectivity Radio wave remote control

Battery voltage 24 Volt