Hearts and Minds | GICHD Short Film

GICHD proudly presents its new short film, Hearts and Minds.


Every hour, mines and explosive remnants of war claim a new victim somewhere in the world. Families and entire communities are affected over decades. At the GICHD, we work to reduce the harm of explosive hazards. We help to find and clear them before they hurt and kill people. We support our partners across the world to restore livelihoods and save lives. By doing so, our collective effort not only avoids harm, but helps to “demine hearts and minds”.


Mine action is a truly life-changing and life-saving activity that has a huge positive impact on the livelihoods of people and the development of affected countries. Our short film portrays the tireless efforts of our staff and partners around the world to work towards the ultimate goals of mine action: restoring livelihoods and saving lives. Produced in several countries, the film illustrates the extent of the problem and the global support that the GICHD brings to its partners around the world.