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The MAGNEX® 100 B is a handy iron locator in longterm stable and innovative differential probe technology. It detects magnetic anomalies in the normal magnetic field of the earth as caused by buried ferromagnetic objects. The detection range of the MAGNEX® locator depends on the size, position and magnetic signature of the objects to be detected.

The probe is moved in wide sweeping movements over the ground. As soon as the locator’s probe is moved into the vicinity of a ferromagnetic object, the local field distortion is converted into an audible alarm. The audio coding of the field polarity (pulsating/continuous) indicates the magnetic polarity (north or south pole) of the object to be detected.


Audio output In the static mode the indication of deep buried ferromagnetic objects is provided by an audible signal, which rises in intensity as the detector approaches the target.
Sensitive adjustment 1
Ground balance 1
Ground balance information Two dynamic detection steps are foreseen for fast subsurface localization of ferromagnetic parts. In this mode continuous magnetic interferences e.g. mineralized soil or fences can be suppressed to certain limits.

Battery 9V battery IEC Nr. 6LR61 or rechargeable Ni-MH battery 9V/250mAh
Low battery alert 1
Low battery alert information Audio signal indicates low battery level.
Operating time 14 hours
Operating time information Approx. 14 h continuous operation with alkaline battery; approx. 7 h with Ni-MH battery
Battery charger information Battery charger available for Ni-MH charging solution

Length 1100 mm
Weight 0.8 kg
Search head size 45 mm
Shape Rod-shaped, approx. 45 mm in diameter
Transport case information The device comes with an included softbag for transportation and storage.
Transport case weight 0.2 kg

Factory support A worldwide service network ensures permanent availability of spare parts. Operation and maintenance training is provided at Ebinger facilities or on site. Additional factory support by specially trained staff is provided on request.
Warranty 1 year warranty included. Ebinger offers prolongation

Reduction for higher quantity Please get in contact for a personalized offer.
Possible to rent 1
Price for training Please get in contact for a personalized offer.

Other models The MAGNEX® product family ranges from hand-held single probes like the MINIMAG® to multi-purpose magnetometers like the MAGNEX® 120 devices which also allow for borehole operations or multi-channel setups.