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Access to land: driver of conflict or enabler of inclusive and sustainable peace?

There are over 89 million people displaced by armed conflicts globally. Millions of them seek to return to their homes every year, sometimes after years or decades of being away. What does this mean for housing, land and property rights – especially when land ownership has changed or is difficult to prove?

You’ll hear from: Abigail Jones, Advisor, Gender, Diversity and Inclusion, GICHD, Nyaruiru Ndungi, Information Counselling and Legal Assistance Specialist, Kenya and Tanzania, Norwegian Refugee Council and Jim Robinson, Coordinator, Global Housing, Land and Property Area of Responsibility, Norwegian Refugee Council

Building Trust Through The Involvement of Indigenous, Afro-Colombian & Minority Groups in Mine Action

Join our Policy Advisor Ángela Hoyos Iborra as she starts the roundtable discussion with Edwin Dagua from the indigenous reserve of Caloto-Cauca, Johana A. Huertas Reyes from Humanity & Inclusion, Claudia Inés Cardozo Herrera from AICMA Group – Office of the High Commissioner for Peace as our guest speakers to share their experiences and lessons learnt on building trust through the involvement of indigenous, Afro-Colombian, and other minority groups in mine action activities. 

Supporting the reintegration of men and women ex-combatants

Mine action is critical to the humanitarian, development, and peacekeeping efforts in Colombia. In this episode, we look at the reintegration process of former FARC-EP combatants through mine action activities. Listen to two experts from the field - Ángela Orrego, Director, Humanicemos DH and Pablo Parra, Chief of Mine Action Programme, UNMAS Colombia – as they share insights on the benefits observed in the reintegration process. These include the challenges, solutions, early impact evaluations, and future steps.

Promoting inclusive peace building and sustainable peace efforts in Colombia

Have you ever wondered about the link between sustainable peace, inclusion, and efforts to tackle inequalities? Hosted by Ángela Hoyos Iborra of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (gichd.org), the video podcast zooms in on the case of Colombia. Through a dynamic and interactive discussion, the first episode explores the following questions: What is sustainable peace? How do inequalities and exclusion contribute to conflict dynamics?How can gender roles contribute to a culture of peace or violence? Why is the inclusion of victims important for sustainable peace? What are challenges and opportunities for inclusive peace in Colombia? Contributing to the discussion from their diverse experience across different thematic areas, the GICHD is delighted to welcome the following podcast guests: María Elisa Pinto García, Executive Director of Fundación Prolongar and Sebastián Molano, Leader and Founder of Defying Gender Roles (DGR). 

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