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In the mine action sector, as in so many others, efficiency is a central concern in operations. Efficiency in mine action is defined as a measure of how economically resources/inputs (funds, expertise, time, etc.) are converted to results (outputs and outcomes). The aim is to deploy survey and clearance resources and to use financial resources in such a way that they produce the greatest output.

The Study on Operational Efficiency in Mine Action aims to provide a framework for mine action stakeholders to review the efficiency of their own land release operations, identify potential improvements, make evidence-based decisions and identify areas for improvement in a complex and dynamic context.

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Annex A – Detailed Findings

This annex includes all of the details findings for each individual KPI based on the collective data analysed for the study.

Annex B – The Concept of Operational Efficiency in Mine Action

This annex provides an overview of the theoretical considerations when defining and analysing operational efficiency in mine action as well as the diverse factors that may influence this operational efficiency.

Annex C – Methodology

This annex highlights the methodology used for the Study on Operational Efficiency in Mine Action.

Annex D – Further Reading and Sources

This annex provides an overview of the various sources utilized for this study as well as publications that may be useful for readers who wish to know more about operational efficiency.