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Policy Statement 

The GICHD recognises that everyone the organisation encounters, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, ethnic origin or any other protected characteristic, has the right to be protected from harm, including sexual exploitation, abuse as well as any attacks on personal integrity such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, sexism and racism. Enhancing accountability and transparency is supported by strong leadership commitments from the GICHD’s Management Board and President of the Council of Foundation.

The GICHD defines safeguarding as a set of standards, policies and procedures that are intended to foster a safe and respectful environment for everyone who comes into contact with the organisation. The scope of safeguarding includes any abuse of power or influence over another person, ensuring that our programmes, operations, activities and staff do not harm and do not expose any individual to any kind of misconduct as defined in the framework. All GICHD staff and contractors are expected to work with integrity, impartiality, and transparency, and to demonstrate respectful behaviour toward all.

Safeguarding within the GICHD is addressed through prevention, safe reporting and appropriate response. The organisation is committed to zero-tolerance and will treat any allegation related to safeguarding confidentially and seriously, responding in an adequate and timely manner to any concerns which are raised. Through the GICHD’s response mechanism, the organisation is committed to learning from weaknesses and identify areas in need of improvement. The GICHD welcomes feedback and reporting from all its stakeholders.

GICHD Values and Principles

The GICHD stands for the core value of equality for all and is committed to integrity, respect, diversity, equality, inclusion and accountability. The organisation fully recognises the right of all to a safe and respectful environment, free of all misconduct, as well as access to confidential, secure, safe, accessible and responsive reporting mechanisms. When dealing with allegations of misconduct, the GICHD will follow, when appropriate, an approach centred around the affected individual, prioritising the well-being and safety of this individual, while respecting the personality of the person under investigation.

Code of Conduct

Provisions of this Code of Conduct apply in all operational contexts, such as trainings, conferences, work weekends in and outside of Switzerland, both on and off working hours and spaces, to all staff contracted by the GICHD as well as to all associated personnel, including but not limited to consultants, volunteers, and sub-contractors, unless the latter have their own safeguarding policies adhering to the same or higher safeguarding standards and commitments. 

Download the GICHD Code of Conduct 

How to report?

GICHD established a different channels through which GICHD staff can report concerns, including an Incident Management Committee that can be reached by email : complaints(at)

People outside the GICHD can also use the email address complaints(at) to make a formal complaint.

GICHD employees or people outside the GICHD who report potential misconduct or who provide information or otherwise assist in an inquiry or investigation of potential misconduct will be protected against retaliation. The GICHD shall take disciplinary measures against employees found to have breached the Code of Conduct.