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Explosive ordnance represents a key barrier to development in numerous countries worldwide, affecting the lives of communities long after the conflict is over. Due to their gender-specific mobility patterns, roles and responsibilities, women, girls, boys and men are impacted differently by explosive ordnance.

There is growing awareness within the mine action sector that taking a gender and diversity sensitive and responsive perspective will make mine action more inclusive and effective. However, more work needs to be done to ensure that gender and diversity are mainstreamed in all aspects of mine action programmes and beyond, and that women and marginalised groups participate meaningfully in and benefit from the sector.


Under the 2019-2022 GICHD Strategy, gender equality, inclusion and empowerment of women and girls is one of the four strategic objectives of the Centre. The Gender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP), a new thematic division of the GICHD, works to ensure that all knowledge generated and disseminated by the GICHD, as well as the advice and technical assistance provided to partners, take gender and diversity into account systematically.

In close cooperation with partners and key stakeholders, GICHD provides specialized in-country and remote support, advice, technical assistance, capacity development, and research to ensure that risks from explosive ordnance are reduced in a gender and diversity sensitive and responsive manner and that the potential of mine action to be inclusive, advance gender equality and enable women to become empowered agents of change is realised.

GDEI Working Group

The purpose of the Gender and Diversity Working Group is to support the mainstreaming of gender and diversity provisions within the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) and the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM), as well as the wider disarmament and mine action sector.  

GDEI Working Group

GDEI Donor Resources

The resources featured here showcase good practices and lessons learned, as well as demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of funding activities and projects where Gender and diversity are mainstreamed, and equality and inclusion promoted in explosive ordnance risk reduction.

Donor Resources

GDEI Annual Report

The 2021 Gender Equality and Inclusion Action Plan (GDAP)  included targets and related indicators to track the Centre’s progress both internally and in its external facing activities. The GICHD is constantly striving towards greater gender equality and inclusion. Check out the gender and diversity achievements of GICHD’s staff members and divisions in 2021.

Annual Report

Gender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP)

Before its integration into the GICHD in March 2019, the Gender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP) was an independent organisation for more than 12 years. The aim of GMAP was to increase the effectiveness of mine action activities through the inclusion of a gender and diversity perspective in policy making, programming and implementation.

GMAP publications and resources