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The objective is to reduce the risk to a level where people can live safely, thus contributing to an environment where economic and social development can occur free from the constraints imposed by EO contamination. In recent years, high numbers of civilian casualties from explosive ordnance have been recorded. Effective EORE interventions with affected individuals and communities – in addition to other risk reduction programmes – are critical to prevent injuries and save lives. 

To contribute to enhancing the protection of civilians, the GICHD has increased its EORE efforts, in support of partners across the mine action and wider humanitarian and protection sectors.     

What does the GICHD do in EORE?

The GICHD follows a multi-pronged approach that entails global, regional and country-specific EORE advice, technical assistance, exchange of good practice, research, and innovation.

Support to partners is strengthened through the mainstreaming of EORE into the GICHD’s four lines of service: capacity development and advice, multilateral work on norms and standards, facilitation of dialogue and cooperation, and research and development focused on innovative EORE solutions.

The EORE team works towards:

  • Reinforcing capacity for locally-led responses
  • Developing and promoting innovative EORE responses to address challenges
  • Increasing commitments and resources allocated to EORE

At the global level, the GICHD contributes to strengthening the profile of EORE through its role as secretariat and core member of the EORE Advisory Group, as well as convention-related support (Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, Convention on Cluster Munitions) and the production of sector-wide resources for practitioners. 

At the regional and country level, the GICHD provides EORE-specific support, both directly to its partners and through other means, such as within the framework of mine action strategic planning processes, the drafting and/or revision of international and national standards, the facilitation of exchange of good practices and the mainstreaming of gender, diversity and inclusion considerations.

EORE Advisory Group

The EORE Advisory Group (AG) is a group of over a dozen organisations that provides overall guidance to the sector and identifies ways to improve the integration, effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of EORE. 

EORE Advisory Group

Calendar of Events

Register for forthcoming events and webinars

EORE Events

IMAS 12.10 – Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

Find out more about the latest version of the International Mine Action Standard (IMAS) on EORE, updated in 2020. Available in Arabic, English, French, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese.

IMAS 12.10

TNMA 12.10/01 - Risk Education for Improvised Explosive Devices

Read more about specific considerations for the effective assessment, planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation of risk education for IEDs.

TNMA 12.10/01

Introduction to EORE Essentials

Join our online self-paced course and learn more about the fundamentals of EORE., made for anyone interested in EORE. The course is available in English, Arabic and Ukrainian, and will soon be available in French. 

Register for the course

EORE Publications

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At the Lebanon Mine Action Centre, we encourage all our staff involved in humanitarian operations to complete the full GICHD EORE e-learning journey in order to improve the development and implementation of EORE interventions and to further support the integration of risk education in our mine action operations.

Lt Col Ali Makki Media and Risk Education Section Head LMAC


Abdul Hamid Ibrahimi

Abdul Hamid Ibrahimi

Advisor, Explosive Ordnance Risk Education
Programme Manager, Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

Matthieu Laruelle

Programme Manager, Explosive Ordnance Risk Education
Advisor, Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

Céline Cheng

Advisor, Explosive Ordnance Risk Education
Faustine Auger

Faustine Auger

Programme Officer, Explosive Ordnance Risk Education