The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) works toward reducing risks to communities stemming from explosive ordnance, with particular focus on mines, cluster munitions, other explosive remnants of war and ammunition storages.

The Centre helps develop and professionalise the sector for the benefits of its partners: National and local authorities, donors, the United Nations, other international and regional organisations, non-governmental organisations, commercial companies and academia. It does so by combining three distinct lines of service: field support and capacity development and advice, multilateral work focused on norms and standards, and research and development focused on cutting-edge solutions.

Based at the Maison de la paix in Geneva, and founded in 1998, the GICHD employs around 80 staff members from 25 nations. This makes the GICHD a unique and international centre of expertise and knowledge.

Collectively, our advisors visit approximately 50 countries per year, while working very closely with partner organisations to achieve our goals. This work is made possible by core contributions, project funding and in-kind support from  30 governments and organisations. The GICHD stays flexible in its response to needs and to changes in its working context.

GICHD Governance and Organisation | Strategic Chart

GICHD General Brochure


GICHD Strategy 2019-2022

“A world in which communities thrive, free from risks from explosive ordnance.” This is the vision that guides the GICHD 2019-2022 Strategy.

Its four Strategic Objectives: Supporting the Conventions, Protecting communities from explosive harm, The safe return of land and infrastructure to people, and Gender equality and inclusion, will guide the GICHD’s work over the next four years and enable our partners to reduce the risks of explosive ordnance.

In 2018, an independent evaluation of the Centre was undertaken upon request of the Swiss Government. 

External Evaluation of the GICHD (May 2018)

Conducted by Universalia Management Group

In 2017, an evaluation of the GICHD Tools and Publications was undertaken.

Evaluation of GICHD Tools & Publications

GICHD Management Response to the Evaluation of Tools & Publications

Conducted by Sharmala Naidoo 

In 2014, an independent evaluation of the Centre was undertaken upon request of the Swiss Government.

External Evaluation of the GICHD (2010-2013)

Conducted by: Sophia Procofieff, Anna Matveeva and Dieter von Blarer (the Innovabridge Foundation)

In 2012, an evaluation of the GICHD Communications was undertaken.

Evaluation of GICHD Communications

Conducted by: Jim Coe & Andy McLean

In 2010, a more focused evaluation of the Information Management section (including IMSMA) was carried out.

Evaluation of GICHD Information Management Programme

Conducted by: Charles Downs and Paul Currion

In 2010, an independent evaluation of the Centre was undertaken upon request of the Swiss Government.

A General Evaluation of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining

Conducted by: David Hewitson and Arianna Calza Bini